Founded in the year 1986, the Revista Ingeniería de Construcción (RIC) is a journal published three times a year that belongs to the Department of Construction Engineering and Management of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Its main purpose is to promote the progress and development of construction engineering and management, providing at the same time, an international forum for discussion and dissemination of new knowledge and research results. The journal appeals mainly to the Ibero-American community. RIC is a journal oriented to both, academic and professional groups. It publishes original and unpublished articles both, in Spanish and English in all the relevant topics related to construction engineering and management, like: construction materials, construction methods, technologies and processes, construction management, resources management, construction entrepreneurship, sustainable construction rehabilitation of materials and structures and other interesting topics. The journal includes articles that report research reports as well as practice applications and case studies. The opinions expressed in the articles are the sole responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the points of view of the Department of Construction Engineering and Management or the Editor. We invite researchers, academic personnel and professionals interested in sharing their knowledge to contribute with papers to be published in the journal or to send discussions about previously published articles. The instructions for preparation and submission of articles can be found on the inside back cover of each issue.