A literature review on leadership qualities among Project Managers of building refurbishment

G. Garcés


This research provides a review of potential leadership qualities among building refurbishment project managers. The scope of work in rehabilitation projects is very different from that of new buildings projects. The key features associated with remodeling projects are unique, risky, highly complex and intrinsically full of uncertainties that are constant throughout the life cycle of the project. In addition, these projects have always been identified with the poor performance of the project that covers aspects of time, cost and quality. The objective of this study is to identify potential leadership qualities among managers of buildings refurbishment projects. In addition, the relationships between the factors of uncertainty and the performance of refurbishment projects will also be determined according to leadership qualities. To achieve this goal, a comprehensive bibliographic search was carried out, wherefrom this review, a research model was proposed. This model serves as a basis for broader research on leadership qualities among project managers to better manage uncertainties in refurbishment projects.


Project Manager, rehabilitation of buildings, uncertainty, project performance, leadership

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4067/S0718-50732020000100045


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