Projections of 3D-printed construction in Chile

R. García-Alvarado, A. Martínez-Rocamora, L. González-Böhme, F. Auat-Cheein


3D printed construction has recently emerged as a new building technology, with various experiences disseminated around the world. This paper reviews existing documents and examples of this technology to characterize its potential projections, particularly those oriented towards improving productivity and sustainability of construction in Chile. Scientific and conference papers, technical reports and thesis are analyzed, as well as the dissemination of executed constructions on the Internet, in order to understand the developments and attributes of this building system. Also, the current conditions and challenges of the construction sector in Chile are summarized, and consultations to stakeholders about their knowledge and expectations of this technology are included. The results from this review highlight the trending topics in different countries, which mostly consist of experimental houses built with cementitious mixes deposited with cranes or robots. According to documents and practitioners from Chile, the interest of applying this technology in our country could be mainly focused on the industrialization of residential envelopes with high thermal and seismic capacities.


3D-Printed Construction, Digital Fabrication, Industrialization, Robotic Construction, Chile



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