Application of the Characterization of Partially Saturated Soils in the Modeling of the Resistant Behavior of Isolated Footings Subjected to Axial Load

J. Tristá, W. Cobelo, G. Quevedo


This research addresses the aspects related to obtaining the bearing capacity and the settlement of an isolated footing subjected to axial load supported on the soil from the Capdevila formation by using computer modeling. For this purpose, the Abaqus/CAE software was used, which details the modeling process of the partially saturated soil from the Capdevila formation. This research also addresses aspects related to the geometric design of the model, loads, as well as the definition of the boundary and interface conditions between the bodies that make up the system. It addresses the entire mathematical calibration process of the model, associated with the selection of the type of finite element and the appropriate mesh density, according to an adequate computational cost.


Settlement; bearing capacity; shallow foundation; MEF; partially saturated soils



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