Probabilistic evaluation of traffic flux and bridges safety

K. Zellat, A. Bouhaloufa, T. Kadri


The traffic flux is a complex phenomenon in which the dynamic behavior is generally badly defined, indeed all laws and models reflect from idealizations and empirical approximations. For this reason we develop in this paper a methodological approach for a macroscopic modeling of the traffic. The approach is based on the probabilistic aspect of the phenomenon, with the method exploitation, the base data and Agbartchenkov works results, in order to describe the basic phenomena caused by traffic. The major interest is the description of such system using a probabilistic model, which links all the factors influencing the highway traffic and the safety of the bridges, limiting speeds, density and the minimum distance between two moving objects of road traffic on a bridge.


Flux, Highway Traffic, Probabilistic Model, Statistic Model, Structure Safety, Safe Distance.



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