Building Information Modeling 5D and Earned Value Management methodologies integration through a computational tool

P. Zapata, C. Cárdenas, N. Lozano


Many construction projects present uncertainty in their budgets and schedules. Also, the management of time and costs is inconsistent. There are methodologies and techniques that improve the management of construction projects: Techniques such as Earned Value Management (EVM), ideal for planning, monitoring and controlling the management of time and costs during the execution of projects, and methodologies such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) recognized for improving the planning and design of construction projects. This paper proposes the integration of BIM and EVM through an OpenBIM software called COST-BIM, designed in JAVA programming language and NetBeans 8.0.1 development environment. It manages construction projects time and costs under a single interface, consisting of four modules and fifteen processes. The software is validated through a real project of social interest housing (Vivienda de Interés Social VIS), comparing the budget, schedule, EVM original indicators and EVM projections of the project versus those generated by the tool.

COST-BIM manages construction projects from its planning, during its execution and until its monitoring and control turning it into a useful software for construction managers that strive to increase the performance of their projects


Building Information Modeling, Earned value management, Schedule control, Costs control, Progress curves



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