Properties and uses of alkali cements

Ana Fernández-Jiménez, Angel Palomo


In this paper are presented some of the technologic properties of cementitious material elaborated by alkali activation of aluminosilicates are presented. More specifically it is about the properties of alkali activated fly ash concrete and mortar (without Portland cement). So depending on the type of alkali activator that is used and after a previous thermal curing, the resulting material will show an interesting list of properties and features that includes: high  initial mechanical strengths (under flexure and compression), low drying shrinkage, and a very good matrix-steel bonding, as well as an excellent strength to acid attack and an excellent behaviour when is exposed to fire. That is the reason why these new cements, due to their magnificent and durable technologic features as well as its easy adaptability to the existing installations in the precast industry, can be used in a variety of applications, for example: elaboration of railroad cross ties, blocks for building or paving, and so others.

Rev. ing. constr. [online]. 2009, vol.24, n.3, pp. 213-232. ISSN 0718-5073.


Alkali cements; mechanical strengths; durability; applications


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