Structural reliability supported in monitoring and instrumentation:application in a steel bridge

Edgar Muñoz, Federico Núñez, Wilson Rodríguez, Camilo Otalora, Daniel Ruiz


This article presents an analysis by structural reliability based on instrumentation applied to the bridge Puerto Salgar, considered one of most important ofColombia. This work included: surveying, mechanical testing, traffic counting, load test, optimization and calibration of the structural model, instrumentation,monitoring and numerical simulations. Based on the structural reliability analysis, there were probabilities of failure in some main elements of this bridgesince they were not within the safety range that guarantees stability. In addition, important overloads were detected on some elements of the bridge whichmust be taken care of by the responsible organization since they affect the bridge safety. Additionally, it is recommended the review of Colombian codedesign loads for bridges since it assumes lower stresses than those measured on the field. Finally, this project showed the advantages of using method of structural reliability based on instrumentation for the revision of existing steel bridges.


Reliability; Monitoring; Simulation; Bridges; Steel; Optimization


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