Material supply planning and management model for social housing projects in a construction company

C. Robles, E. Rangel, N. Sánchez


This article addresses the development of a model for the material supply planning and management in the construction industry, using System Dynamics, supported by AHP supplier selection methods, evaluation and monitoring with ABC classification, all mediated by Vensim data analysis software. The supply management in the construction industry is studied and analyzed based on a collaborative model between suppliers and builders, under the CPFR model and the integration of the Last Planner System, which contributes to optimize the use of resources that allow completing all social interest housing (VIS) construction projects. The model simulates the impact and performance produced in the collaborative system, compliance with planning and profitability in VIS projects, appropriate selection, and supplier evaluation and monitoring. Finally, this model allows those who make strategic decisions in VIS projects to identify the most critical variables, assess their contribution, and make the right decisions to eliminate waste due to waiting time.


Social Interest Housing (VIS), Construction Company, Supply, Last Planner System, Supplier, Provider, Collaborative Logistics

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