Evaluation of the compressive strength of a reinforced concrete structure using different SonReb estimation methods

A. Oroza, R. Cuetara, R. Gonzalez


This document discusses the results obtained in the estimation of compression strength through the readings of the rebound hammer and ultrasonic pulse velocity on 9 columns of reinforced concrete. The estimation was performed by applying different SonReb models. The objective of the study is to evaluate which of the applied models is more consistent with the compression resistance value of 27.0 MPa obtained by press-breaking assay, for concretes manufactured with Ordinary Portland Cements P-35 (Type I) of domestic production and aggregates from Cuban quarries. The results obtained showed that the models proposed by RILEM and Tanigawa et al. were closest to the reference value with percentage difference below 4%. This research will allow the performance of non-destructive tests with more accurate results, in the restoration processes of the Historic Center of Havana, Cuba.


Rebound Hammer; Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity; SonReb; Concrete; Compressive strength

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7764/RIC.00031.21


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