Current situation of construction material management at international Level

René Castillo, José Domíngez, Luis Jiménez


The present research aimed to provide a broad overview regarding the management of construction materials. As a starting point, the conception of the set of actions that make up the materials management is described and its importance within the construction sector is pointed out; It also addresses the various obstacles that this sector currently faces when managing its materials, in a global scope, and which hinder the optimal development of the sector. Likewise, new management support technologies such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) web-based systems for materials management and data storage applications are described, offering a vision of the advantages and disadvantages involved in implementing these information technologies. In the same way, the most common support techniques for inventory control are outlined. It is concluded that the construction industry knows the concept of materials management, however, it still faces problems for the application of a correct execution of said concept; In addition, it is at an early stage in the adoption of new techniques and technologies to support the management of construction materials.


Materials management, building materials, RFID, ABC analysis, EOQ analysis

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