Diagnosis of degradation state through non-destructive tests: case study of the public building of federal education institution

Vitória Silveira da Costa, Ronaldo Cantelmo Ibrahim Júnior, Ângela Azevedo de Azevedo, Ariela da Silva Torres


Historically, public buildings are not importantly addressed in Brazil, resulting in several buildings dropped to the ruins and unnecessary acquisitions of new spaces by public institutions. The present study was carried out in a building part of the extinct industrial building of the Anglo fridge in Pelotas. The main objective was to evaluate state of degradation state through non-destructive tests in a case study of a public building of Federal Education Institution. Visual analysis, damage map, measurement of nominal coverings, sclerometry tests, silver nitrate spray and phenolphthalein test were performed. The building presents worrying deterioration levels, chlorides, and carbonation presence and several stains moisture. These facts lead concrete detachment, reinforcements corrosion and losses in slabs, beams, and pillars sections.


Conservation; pathological manifestations; reinforced concrete; public buildings; preventive maintenance; non-destructive testing.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7764/RIC.00024.21


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