Properties of Nano-Alumina Concrete with Zircon Sand as Fines under Varied Elevated Temperatures

N. Sakthieswaran


The concrete construction materials are now being judged not only from their economical characteristics but also from their serviceability. Advancements in the concrete production now also focus on improving the fire resistant behaviour of concrete. The replacement of fine aggregates is much more desirable when they possess adequate fire resistant characteristics. The present research work understands the urgent need to pay attention to the fire resistant behaviour of concrete simultaneously minimizing the use of Natural River aggregate. In addition to the fine aggregate replacement nano alumina is used as cement additive to beneficially support the concrete durability through their nano characteristics. Zircon sand is used upto 50% of the natural river sand aggregate and nano alumina is used at 2% by weight of the cement binder. This research work focuses on the utilization of zircon sand as fine aggregate to produce concrete.


Nano Alumina, Zircon Sand, Elevated Temperatures

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