When engineering is art: The meaningful value

M. J. Rosado


Nowadays, an approximation of the concepts of engineering and art is required, since they are nothing more than modes of expression with which the engineer, like the artist, becomes a maker of form. Beyond the materiality of bridges, dams, or buildings, the engineering work configures a product of sensibility that intellectually provokes the spectator in the same way that conceptual art does, so that the value of engineering must be adjectivized as significant. Just as one cannot claim that art that is recognized as commercial is not art because it has a market value; it is pure reductionism to deny that engineering and art share qualities, beyond its primary function. What both manifestations have in common is significant value, and this is what allows us to unify properties in an attempt to define what can be considered art.


Art, Engineering, meaningful value, Experience, Place

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7764/RIC.00026.21


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