Evaluation of Estructural performance using Nonlinear Static Analysis applied in an infrastructure.

N M. Gallardo Barreto


The methods of nonlinear analysis allow a better structural design and more accurate answers in the verification of a structure, through which it is based on the linear analysis of the educational institution Héctor Rene Lanegra Romero; this has a current systemic structural configuration 780, which has been designed under the parameters of the E.030 standard. To know, verify and analyze the structural performance in which the educational institution is located, nonlinear static analysis was used; which consists of a Pushover analysis. The Pushover analysis allows us to calculate the seismic actions in structures where the elastic behavior of each element is observed, it also allows us to see the operational seismic performance in which the educational institution is located, through which capacity curves are obtained, generation of plastic ball joints and the verification of the point of performance of the building; which allows identifying if the said structure is active for a seismic signal.


Nonlinear analysis; Pushover; distortions; seismic performance; plastic ball joints.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7764/RIC.00066.21


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