Syed Mahmood, Salman Azhar, Irtishad Ahmad


Construction is a highly risk-prone industry with not a very good track record of coping with risks. The participants in the industry, as a result, have been enduring the agonizing outcomes of failure in the form of unusual delays  in project completion, with cost surpassing the budgeted cost and sometimes failed to meet quality standards and operational requirements. Thus, an effective analysis and management of construction associated risks remains a big challenge to the industry practitioners. This paper via, questionnaire survey and in-depth interviews, evaluates the current practices of risk analysis and management adopted by the general contractors in the Florida construction industry and presents the comparison with four other US states considered to have highly profitable and modernized construction industry. The results reveal that in the Florida construction industry, risk analysis and management techniques are rarely used by the general contractors due to a lack of knowledge coupled with doubts on the suitability of these techniques for the  construction industry. It is recommended that formal and informal training of general contractors and construction managers is essential to implement such techniques in Florida. This will lead to improved profitability, reduced conflicts and on time and within budget project completions.


Risk analysis, risk management, construction, project management, contractors


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