Structural vulnerability index to the effects of landslides in masonry buildings based on fuzzy sets

Esperanza Maldonado Rondón, Gustavo Chio Cho


The aim of this paper is to develop a simple model to assess structural vulnerability of buildings at a regional scale. This model was especially made for areas where current reports on damages of buildings do not exist. The method is based on the identification of the most influential characteristics associated with damage in building under the action of the effect effects of landslides. The evaluation of these characteristics was carried out by means of the determination of fourteen (14) parameters. A vulnerability degree and an importance value based on experts´ opinions were assigned to each of the 14 parameters. Due to the imprecision and subjectivity of the opinions, data was processed by means of fuzzy logic techniques. Once each one of the parameters was qualified, the qualifications of the parameters were related to their value of importance by means of a fuzzy factorial. The result of this relationship, according to techniques based on fuzzy set, is the building vulnerability index.

Rev. ing. constr. [online]. 2012, vol.27, n.1, pp. 23-39. ISSN 0718-5073.


Structural vulnerability; fuzzy set; vulnerability index; landslide effects; linguistic variables



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