Pozzolanic reactivity of kaolin clays, a review

H. Yanguatin, J. Tobón, J. Ramírez


Pozzolans have demonstrated to be highly efficient mineral additions in the concrete industry, because they reduce the environmental impact generated by the cement manufacture, improve the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of blends, and reduce costs. Calcined clays have been recognized as very good pozzolans, because they improve the durability and compressive strength of mortars and concretes. However, data reported by different authors show a very high variability that makes its modelling difficult. In the same way, and based on a review of the scientific literature, the relationship between morphologic characteristics, thermal treatments and mineral composition of clays and its pozzolanic reactivity is shown; as well as with the chemical, thermal and mechanical methods for improving that reactivity.


Kaolin clays, calcined clays, pozzolan, metakaolin, supplementary cementitious materials

DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.4067/S0718-50732017000200002.


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