Study of fatigue performance of a concrete mix for pavements reinforced with steel fibers

D. Ruiz-Valencia, F. Rodríguez, M. León-Neira


The behavior in flexural fatigue tests of concrete containing metal fibers has not been extensively studied. Therefore, this study was considered to determine the effect of incorporating metal fibers in concrete paving in flexural fatigue tests. A concrete mix was designed with modulus of rupture of 4.1 MPa at 28 days, which is dosed metal fibers 35 mm long and 0.5 mm in diameter in three proportions: 20 kg/m3, 40 kg/m3 and 80 kg/m3 and left to a non-corresponding control mixture addition. The fatigue tests were performed on 68 specimens of 100 x 100 x 350 mm, at a frequency of 8 Hz, and stresses between 80% and 90% of the modulus of rupture of each mixture. The Weibull probability distribution were used to calculate the fatigue curves with different failure probabilities. For the stresses ranges studied, the fatigue life does not increase for the mix with fiber content of 20 kg/m3 and increased by 6% to 40 kg/m3 (0.5%) and 25% to 80 kg/m3 (1%) compared to the Control mixture.


Steel fiber reinforced concrete, fatigue tests, pavements



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