Thirteen years of continuous development in crumb rubber modified asphalt mixtures in Bogota: achieving pavement sustainability

G. Martinez, B. Caicedo, L. Fuentes, D. Gonzalez, L. Celis, V. Torres


The present work describes different stages that the Urban Development Institute (IDU) has addressed to achieve the adequate and correct application of crumb rubber modified (CRM) asphalt mixtures. The first research stage in the laboratory included an exhaustive analysis of the mechanical properties of the mixtures, according to asphalt mixture typologies used in Colombia. In addition to a brief application on a fatigue carousel to evaluate the deterioration of this type of mixtures under accelerated loading. The second stage deals with the performance analysis and comparison with other types of asphalt mixtures modified with polymers available in the Colombian market. This stage involved the construction of one full-scale pavement test lane with different sections considering asphalt modified with polymers (SBS, SBR), and two sections with rubber asphalt, one through dry process and the other through wet process. As a result of these stages, a technical specification was developed to serve as guidelines for the production and analysis of mixtures added with crumb rubber. Likewise, the environmental advantages of applying this technology in the Colombian context are described.


Asphalt mixtures, crum rubber, paviment sustainability



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