Study of warm mix asphalt with super stabilized emulsion

C. López, G. Thenoux, V. Armijos, A. Ramírez, F. Guisado, E. Moreno


Reducing the temperatures in the production of asphalt mixes is currently one the most important challenges in the field of road engineering. This paper studies one the latest technologies applied in the manufacture of warm mix asphalt, called super stabilized emulsion. The application of mixing and compacting procedures for hot mix asphalt to this type of warm mixes, was studied. Additionally, physical and mechanical properties of the mixes with super stabilized emulsion were compared with hot mix asphalt. It was concluded that the most appropriate manufacturing method for these warm mixes includes the use of a gyratory compactor. The properties of warm mixes were different than those of hot mixes, however, they were within adequate ranges.


Hot mix asphalt (HMA), warm mix asphalt (WMA), decreasing the energy consumption, reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP), compacting mixes


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