Assessment of a mortar with recycled aggregate from a concrete improved by carbonation: a look to a sustainable construction

Á. Muñoz, N. Torres, A. Guzmán


In this research, some of the physical, mechanical, and durability properties of mortars were evaluated. These mortars were prepared with partial replacements of the natural fine aggregate (NFA) by recycled fine aggregate (RFA) and carbonated recycled fine aggregate (CRFA) in amounts of 0%, 25%, and 50%. For this purpose, 3 groups of mortar mixtures were elaborated with a w/c ratio of 0.65. The results showed that an increase in the percentage of replacement of the CRFA led to an improvement in the mortar compressive strength, as well as a lower superficial absorption rate.


Recycled concrete, carbonation, mortar, mechanical properties, durability



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