The application of a geostatistical information systems used for environmental-corrosion evaluation of bridge infraestructure in Mexico

Andrés Torres Acosta, Gilberto Núñez Rodríguez, Miguel Angel Backhoff, Miguel Martínez Madrid, Mario Aguilar Martel


This work presents an innovative method to determine the degree of bridge corrosion deterioration of the Federal Highway Network in Mexico, as a function

of environmental factors such as prevailing climate where the bridge is located, bridge geographic positioning (e.g. coastal line, river or lake distance) and

the distance from an industrial corridor. The information was obtained and analyzed using last generation Global Positioning Systems (GPS). This work

also presents the preliminary results of the corrosion damaged-induced Mexican Federal bridge inventory.


Spatial analysis; concrete; maintenance; corrosion; degradation; durability; bridges; GIS; GPS; Geographic Information Systems


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