Influences of the fiber glass in properties physical - mechanical of the concrete

María Consuelo Criado, Carla Vera, Patricio Downey, María Cecilia Soto


At present time and for several years, some different concretes have been developed for special purpase. The most used procedure is to modify the cement

based matrix, to improve some properties, subtitrating components or using admixtures, additions or both. Among these special concretes is the concrete

with fibers, that according to ACI 544-3R-84: " fiber reinforced concrete is a composite material made of hydraulic cements, fine and gross aggregate, and

a dispersion of discontinuos, small fibres". This paper analyzes the influence of the type and percentage of glass fiber, on the concrete physical mecanic

properties. For this differents mixes were made changing the type and percentage of glass fiber added. The results are compared with those of a standard

mix. The physical mechanical properties as workability, plastic cracking, toughness, abrasion and impact resistance.


Glass fiber; concrete; fiber reinforced concrete; properties physical; mechanical of the concrete; toughness.


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