Managing occupational health and safety in the civil engineering constructions

María Carmen Rubio, Antonio Menéndez, Germán Martínez, Juan Carlos Rubio


The construction industry is one of the most important economic activities in most of the countries. Nowadays, society demands civil engineering works tobe carried out under quality criteria, with respect for the environment and assuring the safety and health of construction workers. All of this should be donewithin a sustainable development framework. Construction’s labor accident indexes are very high and produce important social and economic costs. Theintegration of labor risk prevention into construction procedures may contribute to reduce work accidents and to improve the work conditions at constructionsites This paper examines the importance of an adequate labor risk prevention in civil engineering construction projects, which must start at the planningstage of the project and continue during the execution of the work and during the maintenance and conservation of the infrastructure.


Labour-risk prevention; safety and health; construction; ocupational accidents; civil engineering


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