Integration of casting and management of fabrication and assembly of in-situ precast concrete elements using Lean Thinking concepts

Carlos Samaniego, Ariovaldo Denis Granja, Flavio Picchi


The interest in the application of “lean” concepts in the construction industry is growing, but gaps are still found in the implementation of the concepts

and tools into different processes involved in construction; such as, on site production and assembly of precast elements. This research aims to seek

improvement opportunities on site production and assembly management of concrete precast elements using lean thinking principles and tools as references.

For this purpose, a Stream Value Map was design, using as generic process the production and assembly of the Tilt-Up system, base on projects followed

by the authors and recommendations of the system practitioners. Next, a Future State Map was drawn, identifying changes in the process management,

incorporation lean concepts. The results show that the SVM is a reliable tool for the diagnosis of losses, and the correct allocation of lean tools to improve

the process as a whole. Finally, the possible improvements were identified, followed by the necessary lean tools for the implementation.


Lean thinking; precast; in-situ; Tilt- up; Stream Value Map


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