Competency based model for training, developing and artifying construction supervisors

Alfredo Serpell, Ximena Ferrada


This paper analyzes the role of construction site supervisors, including foremen and general foremen, as front-line managers. The role is treated as a critical

labor function and a source of value-added for construction management. An original model based on the labor competency management framework is

proposed for training, developing and certifying construction supervisors in Chile and other developing countries. This model was developed from the

findings of a case study in which the competency framework was applied to a specific construction company. The main conclusion of this work is that the

application of the competency approach might help to greatly improve the human resource management function in construction companies as well as

the site performance of their personnel. The application of this model may help to improve the human resource function in construction companies, as

well the performance on their projects. New applications of this model allow for its adjustment and validation.


Construction; site supervisor; competency profile; management; competency model


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