Design and evaluation of Self-consolidating Concrete (SCC)

Renato Vargas Salazar, Rodrigo Sciaraffia Pérez


Technological innovations in the industry of chemical admixtures for construction materials as concrete, specifically of the superplasticizers, make possible

the development at the end of the eighties, of a revolutionary concrete capable of auto consolidating, being commonly designated as Self-consolidating

Concrete – SCC. The characteristic of the self compacting concrete is its ability to fill completely and without segregation the shape of formwork and get

consolidation without need to apply vibration energy. In this research different procedures of mixtures design and existing equipments to evaluate self

compacting concrete mixtures were analyzed. The obtained results allow to propose an effective evaluation and control criteria of the requirements of auto

consolidation of self compacting concrete mixtures. This research is aimed to develop a design methodology for self compacting concrete mixtures following

a sequential design procedure. First, to obtain an optimum dosage of chemical admixture to saturate the cement paste, then, to evaluate concrete mixtures

with different proportions of coarse and fine aggregates, and finally, testing and measuring the different basic properties of the SCC in plastic state.


Self-consolidating concrete; mixture desing testing; superplasticizers; viscocity agent


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